The Nakedness to my Confidence


Photo was taken at the Nude Protest at the Republican National Convention

Alright, let’s all be honest some of us dislike being naked. We shy away from looking at ourselves naked. Have you ever been in a locker room and tried your hardest to undress or to put on your clothes without anyone seeing you. It is very easy to not feel fabulous about the way that we look. We tend to pick out all the things that are wrong with our bodies and not take the time to be like damn I look good. We always want to change something rather than accepting what we have. I mean I can’t blame you for feeling that way because as soon you look up and see an advertisement there is an image that looks nothing like you and basically says ,  If you don’t look like this you aren’t beautiful. Break those standards of what the perfect body type is and create your own.

You are the bomb and I must say standing in the mirror naked and glancing and memorizing your own body can help build so much confidence.

  1. You Got that Beauty

It’s so hard to understand the concept of why women compare themselves to each other. We look at others who we see to be “better” than us and we get down on ourselves for not being like them. You can sit there and lie to yourself and say I never felt that way, but trust me you are lying to yourself because I am pretty sure you second guessed yourself before. All these images of people who have “perfect bodies” causes us to push ourselves to a place where we pick out the wrong with our bodies. COMPARISON. Be realistic with yourself we are all different. Beauty has no boundaries, so why do we conform to these made up ones ?! Why do we compare ourselves to others when deep down we know we are beautiful ?! Whenever you second guess yourself or question your beauty, just remember that beauty is about the difference.

2. You Need More Time … Naked 

Not feeling comfortable with your body is okay , but not being comfortable just shows how much we are not accepting of our bodies. Having anxiety about your body image can cause you to avoid looking at your body at all cost. To get rid of the anxiety you must actually confront the thing that is causing the anxiety. When you getting out of the shower or getting undressed stand in front of the mirror. Erase all the negativity of your body and the insults that may have been said about you. Nonjudgmental nakedness. When your mind starts running and your skin starts boiling, don’t walk away stay there and look at yourself. Take deep breathes. Be yourself. The naked truth. The naturalness. The beauty. My beautiful naked self. 

3. Girl you are smoking hot ! 

For every negative thought that goes through your mind give yourself 3 compliments. The compliments can vary or they can be the same compliments over and over again. Do not let the negativity overpower the confidence. Every time you feel yourself picking at something wrong about yourself, be like but girl wait did you forget how lovely those cheek bones are looking ?! Keep reminding yourself about the good things about you. Do not let the evilness enter.

Some Songs to Listen to when memorizing your NAKEDNESS 

” Let your body steal the show right now” – Marques Houston


4 thoughts on “The Nakedness to my Confidence

  1. thedailyspeshyl says:

    Beautifully written!! Every girl in the world should have access to these tips, from looking in the mirror and finding their beauty to the awesome soundtrack you provided while doing so (you immediately won me over with Beyonce & Kelis). Self love is so important, and every girl should be taught from birth to look in the mirror and admire what they see, because their beauty is truly one of a kind.

    Liked by 1 person

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