A Flawed Story…


Brittany Monáe currently lives in Atlanta and is aspiring to now be a model and an advocate for the youth. By advocating for the youth, Brittany always host “self love” events.

Brittany’s flaws are body image, and confidence. These are her flaws because she has never learned the concept of self love and how it could save her life. For 3 years of her life she has battled with depression, starving herself to be the perfect weight and couldn’t stay in certain relationships with any of her loved ones. 2015 was the year that flipped her life around. She lost her mom to a mental illness and it allowed her to break free from  all her negative chains. She allowed herself to love herself and aspired to be free. She told herself that she matters. This changed her life to nothing but positive thoughts. Positive thoughts led to positive actions. Positive actions led to the happiness of Brittany. She,Brittany, manifested that.

Brittany’s Advice,”Love yourself. You are given one life. Be epic in your own right. Your power is that you’re you. Take back this power. Love yourself!”.

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2 thoughts on “A Flawed Story…

  1. thedailyspeshyl says:

    I love how you feature real women & how they are so open with you and willing to share their experiences. So many women go through the same things but are to afraid to open about it or talk to someone about it because they may feel alone. Your writing (and sharing of these stories) is definitely a step in the right direction and can save lives. Thank you for this.

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