6 days …

We have 6 days left to make our year memorable , but most importantly we have 6 days to reflect on how can we make the next year better. Even though December 31st to January 1st is only a day , it’s still some motivation to make a change. Make your last day worth it . Mark down another year in your life and prepare yourself for another one. 

” I want to tend to my friendships and family ties this year. I feel like life at the moment requires so much support from those that love you so I need to put some work into supporting and caring for them too. I want to accomplish getting into a Master degree program💪🏾 the first thing I want to do this year is Fill my calendar with all of my classes and get prepared to kill this upcoming semester😬😬”.

“In 2017, I want to further Built by Flaws . There is so many ways and outlets for us to get out there. I always want to focus on the brand of BBF as in clothing or partnerships with other women groups. Moreover , I want to continue to travel to experience our people’s cultures . I love learning or questioning the thing that I have learned within my life. One thing I truly want to accomplish/ do is stay committed to myself and anything I believe in “.

“I want to make my current and new relationships stronger. I want to get all A’s next semester. I want to make it to the deans list at my college before I graduate in spring 18. I want to get my drivers license. I want to go on a vacation outside of NY cause I never been on one. I want BBF to grow more and be successful in whatever adventures it may encounter”.

“I want to focus on myself more . Making sure that I’m happy and content with everything happening in life . I want to get my bachelors, travel and be more involved with BBF this year ☺”.

“I want to definately have the clubs Im in succeed on campus, focus on me more, continue to live life, and know where I’m heading in life. I also need to get my liscence to with you ladies for sure lmao”.

Be kind to yourself and be true to yourself to make 2017 an amazing inspirational and impactful year to come . 


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