Birthday MOOD


BIRTHDAY MOOD : Just a year ago it was only 4 of us sitting in Tanaya’s house having our first meeting ever. Now we have more than 30 girls that are apart of Built by Flaws. We have reached many young women and women of color. We started with only 100 followers on Instagram and now we are in the thousands. We had our 1st event in June and it was wonderful. We can’t wait for more years to come.

Today really is our 1st Birthday !!! Thank you to YOU, all the loyal supporters, followers and readers who have been here from the beginning of it all. This blog was created to inspire young women of color to love themselves for who they are and plan to be. We tend to let the words and misconceptions of others shape our beauty and the way we look at ourselves. We seek for acceptance of beauty rather than creating our own. This blog is not just BBF blog, it’s also your blog. It is a platform and opportunity for you to inspire others to love themselves just like you do. You mean so much to us. Just know we are going to come even harder this year. We will make it our business to keep pushing to inspire young women and women of color to love themselves no matter what anyone says !!!

Make sure to come celebrate our birthday with us TODAY, 6pm, at our Christmas Party. It is going to be a blast.

Christas Party invite.jpg

Thank you to all our donors : @keepitkuteclothing , @edenbodyworks , @mielleorganics , @cocotique@terrenefusions@adoratherapy@everythingbyday@basebutter@blvcksupply@b.rose___@faceby.abralee_@essencemurjani, @monroeriley_@greenboxshop___ , and @emerge_nbia. Most and importantly thank you to the SCAN NY Family for partnering with us to have this wonderful Christmas Party. 


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