A Flawed Story…


TaTyana Williams is a resident Paterson who loves to dance, works at Shoprite in Wayne.  and is passionate about everything she does.

TaTyana’s flaw is her confidence. She does not have enough confidence in herself to believe that she will truly be more than what she is at the moment. She may say that she can be more than what she is, but at times she does not believe it. At times, she has felt like she just wasn’t good enough or felt as though maybe she needs to work harder. Tatyana was hard on herself and still is.

TaTyana is finally seeing all she can really be is the best version of HERself. She now knows that she’s good enough. If its good enough for her then it needs to be good enough for all of those around her. Recognizing her self-worth not only boosted her confidence, but made her a better person and has given her a larger variety of opportunities

TaTyana’s Advice: “I would just say at times you will have those moments when you feel worthless but don’t let that stop you from achieving your goals. Start to realize that you are beautiful inside and out. Those who can’t accept you for who you are get left behind as you move forward to a bigger and brighter future. Don’t let the bad weigh out the good. When you finally realize that you are fine just the way you are, you will find a sense of freedom and that is the best feeling in the world”.

Instagram @_tatyana_azure_


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