Puberty is a development for girls and boys. It begins when a child’s body goes through a development and change to become an adult. Some girls develop breasts, a butt , hips and starts their periods. While boys develop a deeper voice and grow in height or weight. The average age for girls and boys hit puberty is 11/12, but it truly depends on the child. 

When it comes to puberty , things can differ from each child. While some children grow in weight or height , some do not. Puberty has an effect on children emotionally , mentally and physically. One thing about puberty is that children that develop before others tend to get made fun of or vice versca. Sometimes when a child develops earlier than they are suppose to or just on time , their development can cause the actions of others to change. For example, when girls grow into their developed body frames men/women within their lives become overprotected. Sometimes parents do not want to express certain things about puberty with their child and they have to learn from others . 

Tells us about your experience with Puberty :How did it make you feel as your developed ( mentally , emotionally & physically ) ? How did it make you feel around family , friends or others ? What did you know and not know about puberty ? 


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