Home is where the Heart is.

So I was in Peru from August 11th and it was wonderful, BUT my homesickness started to kick in badly. It surprised me that it took so long for it to kick in. I thought maybe I would be missing home by my third week, but I was wrong. Being in Peru showed me that “home is where the Heart is”.635922007907121849205052421_giphy.gif I know it may sound cheesy, but to me it seemed so true. I want to a country and made it my home. I mean yeah Peru is nothing like New York City. New York City will forever be my home because I have experience so much love there. d65f7bf735758affb28e5edce285ded3.gifHome is what you make it to be. I created a feeling for Peru to be my temporary home. Home is not a PLACE , it’s a feeling that comes from within.  But ya’ll I am so happy to be back in NEW YORK CITY!!!

Entry : Tanaya


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