A Flawed Story…


Chidera Valery, an African woman of rules and a level of discipline, is an undergraduate studying law,english and literature. She is also a prolific writer ,loves to shop, play badminton or volleyball, chill with her friends,watch movies,listen to her favorite songs and mode. She models for some fashion company. She is tall and  has chocolate skin tone.

Chimera does not easily trust people because as the womanist in her would say,” I always believe that a woman can actually achieve whatever she wants as much as a man can and I sometimes set rules which people sometimes tend to misunderstand me and see me as proud and way too beyond intimidation”.

Having trust issues is her flaw because most time she sees things as not being good enough for her because she doesn’t trust what the outcome of it might be.

Chidera believes that people can’t judge or know people from afar so she accepts her flaw by trying to give people room to come around her and perhaps know her better and have a better understanding of who she is as a person and view of life and living.

Chider’s Advice,”I advise you to live a life you would be proud of…because people misjudge you doesn’t mean you are not good enough set boundaries but not ones that will destroy your image don’t build your walls too high because it might be hard for good people who would make positive changes in your life to climb them. Most importantly love yourself no one can do it better than you”.



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