I got You.

Yesterday, Sunday, December 4th, I, Tanaya, was trying to think of a topic for our weekly Monday Girl Chat’s and I just keep blanking. Then I thought to myself lord I just need to have some hear me out and give me some advice about my life. If you know, your girls always got your back. You expressing to them how your life is can possibly give you advice because they may have secretly went through the same thing you are going through at the moment. So I just why not just have a free for all. Let’s just talk it up about everything and anything that comes to our mind.

Motivational advice from BBF: 

Life is a constant battle.

Sometimes it better to think of these battle as uphill battles rather than downhill.

Speak the positivity you want into existence and cut off toxic people.

Don’t settle for anything less.


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Happy 5th Birthday to my adorable loving nephew Trisitn !!!



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