Keep the Fam close..even the Dog.

It’s the first week back from Thanksgiving let me fill ya’ll in…
So I finally came home last night (over the break) and of course I came home to a whole bunch of drama. Grandma had to fill me in on all of the neighborhood drama, so who just bought a new car and who did’t trim the grass! Then she filled me in about my cat…
Personal Info
So I adopted my Calculus teachers cat my senior year of high school. We got really attached over a short period of time, which I thought was weird. Cats usually don’t like people…I don’t like people either, so I’m guessing we bonded over that. Anyway, his name is Joey!! Short for Joe Buttons<3
I left him with my grandmother after leaving got college and she kinda sorta resented me for it, but she grew on him. When I got back home and saw him he looked like my cat, but he was so thin. My grandmother told me that he has thyroids, which prevent him from gaining weight. He also needed to get this cream put into his ear everyday..for some reason.tumblr_nbdrjw3x6r1szf0nzo1_500
By the middle of my break..I just wanted be alone with my cat. I was over being around some of my family because….they are my family. LOL.
I know there are some animal lovers out there!! Show all the love you an to your animals while you can…this post was just for animal appreciation. Kinda a reflection on the little things in life.
Entry: Akeda

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