Happy Thanksgiving !!!

Thanksgiving is by far one of the best holidays ever because it is the time that two of the best things come together : FAMILY and FOOD. Like those are two amazing things to be grateful for. Always as a college student, trust us it feels so good going home to REAL food.


Tanaya-  I love thanksgiving because it starts up the amazing journey to Christmas and New Years. Unfortunately this year I will not be celebrating Thanksgiving with my family due to me being in Peru however, I will be there in spirit. My favorite thing about Thanksgiving is the food. Omg the food warms my heart. My favorite is the Mac and Cheese and collard greens. And the best thing is all the leftovers. You will be eating leftovers for like 3 days straight : breakfast, lunch and dinner. My other favorite part is being around my family and just feeling all of the love. I usually travel to 2/3 different homes on Thanksgiving. It’s the best. Even though I hear the same family stories every year, it seems as if the stories are told differently every time. Oh and I love the memes that come out about Thanksgiving. The #Thanksgivingclapback or #ThanksgivingwithBlackfamilies are hilarious !!! Thanksgiving shows how much thanks and grateful you have to have such amazing family members and how well they can cook.

Akeda-I like thanksgiving because I get to eat some good ole home cooked food!! Omggg that Mac and Cheese👌🏾My Aunt let’s each kid choose a dish they would like to make all on their own. That’s my favorite part☺️ The night of Thanksgiving we go to the stores and stand for Black Friday. That’s when I spend all my damn money lmao and buy Christmas gifts for people. Also it’s a time for everyone to recognize what they have and reflect on how blessed we all truly are. Plusssss we get that much close to Christmas 🎄.


Kiaina– I love thanksgiving because it’s the last holiday I spent with my grandfather. When my siblings and I were younger he would take us to the parade and just memories like that are things I don’t like to think about everyday because of how special they are, so when the holidays come around it feels nice to just share these memories. I’m especially excited about this thanksgiving the most because I haven’t been home since August and I miss my moms cooking. I’ll also be spending thanksgiving with my grandma and I haven’t spent a holiday with her in years. Just being able to be surrounded by my family makes me want to hurry home.


Take today as a day to be grateful for all you and all the people that are in your life .


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