A Flawed Story…


Hadjeley Zacab, an 18 years old, is from the UK (London to be exact) and is in a sixth form, but outside of school she has a blog.

Hadjeley’s flaw is her low self-esteem due to her skin tone. Her low self-esteem causes her to have deep rooted insecurities. She is accepting her flaw by creating content to share to others that can relate and is also sharing her stories , and by owning a journal and writing her thoughts and what people love about her and by also seeking advice from other girls with darker skin tones like herself.

Hadjeley’s Advice, “Speak to someone (whether it’s in your family, a friend, a teacher or you could message someone on social media) that has suffered from colorism and ask them how did they deal with it as there’s different ways of dealing with this issue”. 

Twitter, Instagram & Periscope: @blvckiscarefree // Snapchat: hadjjexoh // Tumblr: hadjeleyzacabi // Blog : http://www.hadjeleyzacabi.wordpress.com


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