I used to think that taking chances was a bad thing. The reason why is because I don’t like not knowing what’s going to happen next. In-the-end-we-only-regret-the-chances-we-didnt-take..jpgWhen you take chances it’s more of a risk thing than a planning thing. When things are planned out and thought through then I know how to prepare for a negative or positive outcome. But recently I have been wanting to take more chances without honestly thinking about the “what if’s”. I will never know all the answers to the questions or the outcomes. Me taking chances has helped me grow, and has even made me more excited about my future.

I guess, I am at the point now where I love the unexpected, and so far it has been working out for me. I do still of course get questions in my head of course, but I don’t let them drive me crazy anymore. I really want to encourage you all to just take a chance with something and see what happens. If the outcome is bad then you’ll learn from it, and it the outcome is good then you’ll be happy you did it.

Entry: Kiaina 


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