Reflection on the Election

On the morning of Wednesday, November 9th , Donald Trump was announced our next President of the United States. Many people celebrated while many shed tears in his win. This election has been very emotional and I am sure you can agree. Today, BBF’s Girl Chat reflected on the win. Feel free to express yourself in the comment section below.

How did you feel that night ? How do you feel now ? What can we do to push forward and accept ?

I was honestly in genuine fear. Especially because I go to school in the south and the following day there were KKK sighting 20 mins away from my school. I also found out that one of my aunts is actually undocumented so that put me in a state of worry. Now I still feel scared because there had been racist acts on campus with, for lack of a better term, white girls that go to my school. I think honestly talking about it is the best way to go so there is awareness about it and people don’t think I just don’t want him to be president because I’m pro black.

I was never really into politics, but that night I keep updating google and it was so hard for me to go to bed. Waking up the next day, I had a huge headache because it felt unrealistic. It still feels unrealistic and I feel like I’m be that way until Obama actually leaves the White House. Talking is the best way to go.

I didn’t find out until 3am because i went to sleep early but I felt a pit in my chest because I think most of us just felt like it really wouldn’t happen; I honestly just went straight for my bible after seeing all of the emotion and commotion via social media… now I’m moving forward; for me and others I really can’t let it affect my mental as much as I want to wish and hope it was someone else; there is a time and a place for everyone and God knows and will make sure things that need to happen will happen, I hope he understands the severity of his job and his duties as president and i can only hope he chooses to represent ALL of us fairly.


Everyone please continue to be safe and voice your opinion because this is your life to live . 


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