Diming the light to let others shine.


Nichole , a HBCU Grad (B.S Accounting) from Maryland, has a flaw of diming her light to allow others to shine.

Letter from Nichole :

“Some say I’m modest and/or humble when I do not boast about my accomplishments. Some say I come off as “shy” “bashful” or “average” because I keep my accomplishments to myself. In today’s society, in order to be (or appear) “successful” you have to be extremely confident and willing to show your abilities to rise to the top (fast). You have to be flashy and somewhat of a braggart. People have to want to be you (example: The Kardasians, Beyonce and Instagram famous folks). I am not this person. I’m more reserved and laid back. I like to keep quiet about my accomplishments due to the fear that it could all be taken away. Just think about it. When a someone that who lives a lavish lifesytle or a celebrity goes bankrupt and or lose their home, the first thing people say is ” They should have lived below his/her means.” or “He/she shouldn’t have brought that big ole house.” blah blah blah. Who wants to deal with that negativity when you’re going through trials. Often, I’ve discussed many topics with my peers including where they’ve vacationed, their new home, job, promotion or the amount of education they have and not once do I mentioned what I’ve done. I’ll say “That sounds nice.” or “Good for you.” Diming my light 100%. I let the individual have their moment all to themselves and they’ve always taken that moment and ran with it. Truthfully, most people do not know much about me due to my reserved demeanor. This can come off as a flaw because it “appears” that I’m not doing much or that I’m not confident to speak up when the truth is that, I’m scared of losing it all and hearing the “I told you so” that many people would love to say. I just believe that a private life is a happy life. The less people know, the better off you’ll be. Now, please don’t get it twisted, I am far from perfect, I am no where near wealthy , rich or do I have it all together but I will say as a 27 year old, I am very blessed. As I mature, I’m learning that it’s ok, to let your light shine bright. As long as the goal is to inspire and not make others jealous and envious. The goal is to always motivate others through my success. How can you motivate others, when they don’t know who you are? Lessons that turned into blessing. Living and learning”.
Nichole has accepted her flaws. Prayer is key! She prays and meditates a lot (mostly in private). She asks God to keep her grounded and to use her success to motivate others. BBF’s #AFlawedStory gave Nichole a platform to discuss her issues with hopes that it will help other young women who might have the same issues.

Advice from Nichole, ” Love yourself. Know your worth. Forget the naysayers. They really don’t matter”.

Instagram : @diplomaticbrowngirl

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