Treats Myself, faithfully.

Some people have the tendencies of thinking that they need others to treat them like royalty. You do not need anyone to treat you like the Queen that you are. Treat yourself. And when I say treat yourself I don’t necessarily mean go breaking them commas in your bank account, but I also mean treat yourself emotionally, physically, verbally and mentally. That is all free and will last a long time as long as you know how to express it. I am not going to sit here and lie to you. LCC4J.gifThere are times where I walk into a store and see something I truly want and I purchase it. Yes, I can careless about the price of it. If you have been busting your a** and working towards what you want, yes I think it’s completely okay to TREAT YOURSELF. Never cheat yourself on what you know you deserve. Sh*t you can treat yourself to a nice movie date, or  relaxing peaceful weekend without social media or human beings. Listen to me, know when to treat yourself and not depend on others to treat you. Yeah, I know it’s nice to get treated by others. BUT trust me it’s way better coming from a Bad A** Queen like yourself !!! Have a wonderful Thursday and treat yourself to a little something special because I know I am treating myself to a chocolate bar .

Entry : Tanaya


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