A Flawed Story…


Lakiera Thompson is from Mississippi and is a student at Jackson State University majoring in Biology. Her passion is writing about beauty and giving life advice.

Lakiera’s flaw is low self-esteem. Her flaw is that she didn’t love herself so she looked for love in men. It started when she was in elementary.  All of her friends had nice shapes and long hair but she was the chubby one with short hair. She silently wished that she could change the way she looked so she could be more accepted by the kids at her school. Lakiera couldn’t understand why boys didn’t like her and if they did she thought that it was a joke. As she began to get older, Lakiera became more developed and she realized that boys had started liking her. By her having low self esteem, she jumped to every boy who gave her the attention without having standards. As time passed by and she went from boyfriend to boyfriend, she realized that she still felt empty, not beautiful, and not loved. If Lakiera’s boyfriend didn’t compliment her on her looks, she would feel like they didn’t like her or she wasn’t beautiful. Lakiera was a complete wreck and she even still wonder if the reason she went through this stage in her life was because her father, who left her sister and her at a young age. Even though she had a step-dad who her mom later told her that he could be her real dad, she was still raised to believe that the man who left her sister and her was her dad. It was a very confusing story and it is still a confusing story to her, but it doesn’t affect her like it use to. Lakiera had low self-esteem until she turned 21 years old.

Now Lakiera is in a better place with self-esteem. She sees herself as God sees her and other people’s opinions of her doesn’t matter in HER life. She has learned that no man, or anyone else, can make HER love HERself. Through prayer and finding herself, she can now finally say that “I love myself!”.

Lakiera’s advice, “My advice would be to love yourself unconditionally. Don’t look for a boy to love you because it won’t last and you’ll be disappointed in the end. No matter what happens in your life, it doesn’t have to predict your future. You’re beautiful just the way you are!”

Instagram: @kiera.kiana

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