Small Circles. Everlasting friendships.

So I know that I have a resting B*tch face, but after people meet me they always say “I thought that you didn’t like me at first”. And i have to explain…no this is just my face.

 3o6ztkgstmu7jccn9mWith this said, making friends is not really the easiest thing for me to do, even though I like making friends because I’M FRIENDLY. My college experience so far has been rocky in the friendship area.

You may think that someone has loads of friends and in reality they are the loneliest person you may ever meet. Some people value friendships because friendships can change lives.

Lately, I’ve noticed that the smaller my circle is, the more that I learn about the people outside of it. When Drake says, “Keep the family close” he doesn’t mean only blood relatives…


He’s talking about the people that will help you grow and care about you. The people that ask you if you want to stay in and watch netflix together. THOSE are the people you keep close because they will be the ones in your everlasting friendships.

So make sure you tell the people in your circle…


Because they may not know that they are one of the three friends you may have. I know I try to tell my small ass circle that they are my Ride or Dies.

Entry: Akeda


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