A Flawed Story….


Kris Noeli, a Afro Latina currently living in the Bronx, grew up in Harlem (NYC). Kris grew up as a creative child, whether she was in dance school or being involved in arts and crafts. That led Kris to attend a performing arts high school located in midtown Manhattan. After high school, she attended college for a few years and realized it wasn’t for her at the time. During the break she realized Kris was into fashion and have been pursuing that. Kris is a stylist and a blogger and my favorite hobbies are painting and photography.

Kris’ flaw is confidence. There’s many other things she could of chosen like her weight or her oily skin but she realized that confidence overrides all of those things. “The more you love yourself and are confident, the more you feel comfortable with who you are”. She has had very low confidence growing up and being put in different situations made her realize she was not sure of herself. Having low confidence held Kris back from many things and realized it was her biggest flaw.

Getting older she has accepted things she doesn’t like about herself and that was by boosting her confidence. Kris has read self love books, meditated, talked to friends about it and all of that helps. The major key is loving oneself. “It’s a lovely journey that I’ve taken and I’m still on that road to reach a high level of confidence. The more confident I become, the more I’m able to accomplish my dreams” (Kris).

Advice from Kris, “If you’re struggling with your confidence, know that many people are, even that model you see in magazines. Start writing positive affirmations like “I am confident” and repeat this daily. We are all born with flaws but what makes us different is how we deal with them. Love your flaws and be confident. The most attractive person is a confident one. If you love yourself no one can take that away from you”.

Instagram : @krisnoeli  // Youtube : Kris Noeli 



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