They NEVER Die

tumblr_nxj2lqECY61uggcp9o1_500.gifIt is so crazy how with memories so much feelings physically and mentally can arise. The grace and softness of a hug or the harsh words that you recall can burn a hole through your heart.They are so bittersweet. The best feeling of having them, but also wanting to have the feeling of doing it all over again. When they are sweet, it’s the best feeling because you will always have that memory to fall back on. It’s like you fall in love with them and just want to keep falling deeper in love and replay them in your mind over and over again. You do not want the feeling of the memory to stop because it brings you so much joy. Memories have this impact on where you think and then randomly start smiling. But then the bitterness comes in when you have the memory, but not the person to experience more memories with. Even if the person is no longer in your life, at least you have the memories to go off of and remember they will never leave you. Memories never die.

Entry : Tanaya 


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