Everybody has a purpose wether they know it or not. You were born and you exist for a reason. We were put into this world to contribute to the growth. We are all different and unique. You are unique and you have a talent, skill or life experiences that you will contribute to this world to make a difference. It can be something, even the smallest thing. Just know it’s something. SOMETHING being YOUR PURPOSE.

Your purpose is very important to your life’s mission. It can even impact someone you do or do not know. Take a quick second and truly think about this all. Your purpose in life isn’t about finding your career, although your career does play a major part in your life. Your purpose can be BIGGER than your career—it is the heart and soul of your entire life and everything that you live and stand for. Your purpose is WHY you exist on this world. You need to discover your own personal WHY. Do you know how much more meaningful and fulfilling your life will become if you understood the REASON of your purpose.


Purpose to Us (BBF members)

“I feel that everyone is put on this earth to make a difference and to have a purpose. I constantly question what my purpose is in life and then realize that I’m still young have a lot of growing to do. Most people haven’t fulfilled their purpose in life as of yet and that’s fine”.

“I feel as though..I’m living everyday with a purpose in mind but I understand that my purpose is to ultimately be with a higher being. Spiritually speaking I have a lot to accomplish. When I think about changes in my life..I think WHATS GUNNA MAKE U HAPPY..and I do it”.

“I constantly question my purpose then find myself beating myself up because I really don’t know or understand my purpose as of right now. I’m learning to just stop questioning myself and let God show me because God knows I’m my hardest Critic”.

“My purpose is for sure to show people through my own life but through events as well that you can have the life you dream of. Whatever that looks like for that person. Missions trips and just the feedback or kind words I get from others confirms that what I’m doing and heading toward is going to help someone for sure”.

“I do not have my purpose fully planned out, but to me I feel like I was put here and my purpose on earth is to make a difference. The difference is being a voice for young women of color. Also to show that there is no perfect way of living. So I totally get when you say you are still young because I feel like the age I am at now people expect so much from me , but don’t understand that I am still trying to figure things out”.

“I think certain moments whether it is good or bad can really show you what your life actually means to you or someone else. Sometimes they give this awakening or an “a ha” moment where you realize what you need to be doing rather than what you already doing”.

What is your definition of purpose ?

” Purpose is why you’re here and what you’ve been ordained to do with your time on earth”.

“Purpose = do what you can to make a difference for someone else”.

“Gods why for me; why am I called to do this, what are the results of me doing said things; why did he see me fit”.



How to Find YOUR Purpose in Life ?

Here are a few questions that can help you find YOUR PURPOSE.

  1. What does purpose me to you ? You definition of purpose ? ( Don’t look it up, think about it on your own)
  2. What brings you joy or happiness ? What makes you want to wake up in the morning ? What do you love ?
  3. What does your perfect life look life for you ? Not your family or friends. I mean just you.
  4. What sets you apart from others ? What makes you unique ?
  5. How can you pay it forward in the world ?
  6. Who are you ?

 Feel free to answers these questions on a word document & submit them. We will love to read over your answers. While answering these questions, listen to Beyonce amazing song I was Here for some inspiration.

10698496_10206370225322547_6118177998251960894_nThis blog post in dedicated to my beautiful cousin Raven Griffin who lived her life with purpose and made sure her presence in this world was HERE and is still HERE.



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