A Flawed Story…


Shantel Lagard is St. Louis, Missouri, but lives in Hawaii. She goes to Radford High School and is in the National Honor Society.

Her flaw is her hair and confidence. Her hair has always been short due to trichotillomania (impulsive urge to pull hair). This action led to her confidence being lowered because at certain points she would have bald spots. Shantey is slowly learning to deal with her disorder and realizing that her hair doesn’t mean she has to be insecure. She has many reasons to be confident.

Advice from Shantel, “some days it will be hard and your insecurities will get the best of you, but some days you’ll feel like you’re a queen and that’s all that matters. I would tell them to remember that feeling they had when they looked in a mirror and truly believed that they were beautiful”.

Instagram : @shan_tellie_

Tumblr: her-sweet-wonder
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