A Right or a Privilege ?


According to The Right of Education, “Education is a fundamental human right and essential for the exercise of all other human rights. It promotes individual freedom and empowerment and yields important development benefits”. However, is this fully true ? Does everyone receive this right to a fair education? There are millions or children and adults who are deprive of this right to gain an education. So let me pose the question, is the education of a human being a right or a privilege. Keep this question your head as you read along.

Some believe that education is a right but can act as a gateway to privileges depending on how it’s utilized. AAEAAQAAAAAAAAWfAAAAJDAwMzUwNjNmLTFjNmItNGViNS05MDMwLWQwZTAyZWU1MmQyOA.jpg
Being that if you are wealthier you have a higher chance of gain a higher education that can provide you access to higher paying jobs. With those high paying jobs, you maybe granted certain privileges that someone who wasn’t born into wealth will not get. Education is treated as privilege. Some people are going to agree that everyone has the right to education, but not really. There are different levels to education. For example, a child who attends a public school may not receive the same education as a private school student. Being that the private school student can pay for their education they have a better chance at getting a BETTER education.  Moreover, wealth, or equity has direct ties to race because areas that tend to have more people of color don’t have education systems and it perpetuates a cycle of poverty. We should take into account the importance that some people have support outside of school that might push them to succeed. So even if, they aren’t receiving the best education because of their socioeconomic status, they might have parents at home making sure they put in extra effort to learn, or a mentor or something. Which is true , but at some point we have to recognize that in the cases where people come from unfavorable educational situations and have no sort of mentorship it can be impossible to cover come that. When people do succeed in spite of that it can be grace (some people call it luck).

tumblr_nln9muL3AZ1rnz1gso4_r1_540.gifLike Bernie Sanders said we need a revolution to change the fact that a right is being seen as a privilege. Regardless of the fact of education being a RIGHT or a PRIVILEGE it is important to go to school and get an education to learn about different aspects of the world. It is your RIGHT to fight for what you believe in and if that is your education you better go get it.


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