Be an Encourager.

We live in a world where people are constantly putting each other down.  People allows want to point out the negatives instead of the positives that are being done. No matter what the situation, there is someone out there that does not to support you or tell you all the great things that you are doing.


Don’t be a hater or a critic, tell someone how great they are today. Encourage them to do better for themselves and others. Trust me encouraging others to be better, positive and happy helps you out as well. People secretly love being told about the good things they are doing. Sometimes people feel like their hard work is being unnoticed when their work is actually touching people and making a huge difference. Encouraging someone else may possibly help you to encourage yourself to do something great.


Be thoughtful this Thursday and encourage someone with your greatness instead of critiquing them on the wrongs that are in their rights.

Entry : Tanaya 


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