Are you SCARED to talk to your mom about certain things ?

Moms are everything. Some people may say that she is your first best friend. And I must say it is very true. Some of us, girls are very close to our moms and are very open to discuss anything with them , BUT anything does not mean everything.  No matter what age you are, your mom is your mom and you may still be afraid to talk to her about certain things.

Some girls feel like it is important to not tell their mom everything because she can be a BIG time worrier. Others may feel as though they do not want to speak on certain things because it’s a respect thing. Or maybe, when you speak to your mom about certain things , she wants to start giving advice when all you really want is her to listen. Everyone has different experiences.

Some moms like their children to tell them everything so they truly known their child and not hear from others about who their child is as a person. Moms should know their child for the good and the bad. Don’t be afraid to tell your mom things she tends to know best.


What are something you are scared to talk to your mom about and why ?

“Even though I am 20 years of age, I still find it weird to talk about my body parts with my mother”.

“I learned to be more comfortable with my mother, but the thing I’m the most scared to talk to my mom about is me drinking and sometimes smoking.. I know she wouldn’t approve and will be disappointed”.

“I’m scared to talk to my mom about serious things like being an adult..paying my own bills things like that because I’m afraid that would mean I lose some support from her. Because she is my base..being an adult means that I would have to depend on her less”.

“I am afraid to talk to my mom about how I feel about some of the decisions or choices she make. I think she still finds a need to try to make situations seem less of a big deal so she tries to pretend everything is fine. I love my mother but sometimes its hard getting her to understand how I feel and why I feel that way. Also, don’t want her to feel like I’m disrespecting her”.

“I’m pretty honest with my mom sometimes too honest but it’s been that way since I was little, I feel like as much as she speaks up I sometimes have to speak for her because she lets a lot of things go; it’s weird to talk to her about sex but I’m also not having sex so there isn’t much to discuss at this point but I’m pretty open”.

“I used to be scared to her everything but now I tell her everything because I know she won’t judge and she’ll listen without telling me what I should do”.

“I wouldn’t say I am afraid, I just respect my mom a lot and me saying certain things can be disrespectful”.


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