The Holistic Lioness


IMG_8021-2.JPGKeisha Faulkner, who lives in Philadelphia, is the Cofounder + CEO of The Holistic Lioness & Co. a catalyst for holistic wellness ideas, programs, and community engagement for millennial women of color.

Just like all of us, she has a flaw whereshe over thinks herself to the point of anxiety. She has Type A qualities. She feels the need to be in control of everything that goes on in her life. Keisha has acknowledged this and is focusing on ways to reduce anxiety and stress. These ways include, daily prayer, essential oils, and MEDITATION!

From her flaw, she has taken part in The Holistic Lioness & Co. to help of women of color fight similar flaws to her. The Holistic Lioness is catalyst for health and wellness ideas, programs and community engagement for millennial women of color. Their mission is to enhance life-balance in the areas of mental, physical, and spiritual health and wellness for the millennial woman of color. Their website provides advice about how women of color can be unafraid to admit that they are beautiful with all their flaws (Kiesha Faulkner). The Holistic Lioness is also hosting their first ever Health and Wellness retreat. The retreat is about seeking stronger emotional, physical & spiritual balance, internal peace, and a greater since of vitality.

“Life is too short. God is ultimately in control. Find ways to help you relax in the present moment” (Kiesha Faulkner).

It is amazing when you impact others, but it is more amazing when you see women older then you trying to accomplish the same thing. Thank you for reaching out to me and it was greating partnering with you and featuring you on our blog.

Make sure you visit their website to learn more about The Holistic Lioness and their retreat.

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