Break Time!

As a first generation college student…the amount of pressure placed on my shoulders can be unbearable at times. Everyone wants you to succeed and they want you to work hard, but you feel like you’re always working hard. Whether you’re at work or helping out in a organization, you can feel like you are under too much pressure.

meme-5I know personally that my family members expect a whole lot from me, so I am always grinding to make them happy. They want to see that their hard work has paid off and that is reflected in my actions.

Sometimes I have to take a step back and ask myself if i’m doing something because I enjoy it or because I know that it make my parents proud. Overexerting myself wouldn’t benefit me even if it makes them happy.


As you all continue your sleepless nights and study days in the library..DONT forget to step back and check yourself. Make sure that you’re not only working hard to make your friends and family proud, but to also make yourself proud AND happy. After 4 years of college or years working for a want to walk away with something!


Take some time every now and then to treat yourself. Because we all know you are working hard and there is always someone out there that you want to impress. Take care of your mind, body, and soul with a little break:)


Entry: Akeda


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