How do you feed your soul ? 

Your soul is very important. You must make sure to feed it with positivity and greatness so you can let that our within the atmosphere . Don’t seek yourself short by not giving yourself or your soul everything it deserves. 

Here are some amazing response from some Built by Flaws’ members. 

“I feed my soul with positivity and greatness . My soul is what makes me the person I am so in order for me to enjoy life , I need to feed my soul with greatness. I do this by putting myself first in certain situation and giving myself what I deserve . Self care is 100% important”. 

“I feed my soul with good vibes, beautiful nature landscapes, relaxing music, tasty food, and lovely silence”. 

“I feed my soul with good company, family & The Word of God/Praise & Worship music. For some reason, gospel music really relaxes me and minimizes all of the stressful aspects of life”. 

“I feed my soul with positivity, clarity, and ease by not overthinking, patting myself on the back when I have accomplished something, and taking one day as is “. 

“I feed my soul with the word of God. Encouraging myself to see me how he sees me; I read; work out; give myself a face mask; spend time looking at different quotes that may reflect what I’ve gone through; I have a list of I am statements on my vision board; listen to praise and worship music, journal, drive with no music just so I can listen and hear the world and sounds of everything around me”. 

“I feed my soul with positive thoughts, self-love and forgiveness. I listen to inspirational gospel music that numbs the pain and uplifts me. I make sure my family, friends, and love ones are happy because it makes me stronger. I tell myself “I got this”. 

“I feed my soul with good vibes and fun. I try to wake up and look at the positive things instead of negative. I also try to avoid hearing negative news until the end of the day. But if I end up hearing something negative I listen to music and write which makes me feel better. Yeah I totally find it hard to stay consistent with it but I’m almost out of space and I need new journals so I’m going to really buckle down and just make time for it; I want to make that time now”. 

Goal for TODAY : Feed your SOUL .


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