A Flawed Story…

Stephanie Ivy Paniagua, founded the blog Modern Classic Daily. As modern women following classic values daily, MCD sets out to empower and to inspire women to become the best version of themselves. They are refocusing the idea of core values and implementing them into what it means to be a women of today. Ivy also hosts for the music live stream network FRPTV. She has interviewed many upcoming artist such as Dave East, Lil Uzi Vert, Manolo Rose and many more.

Her flaw is doubting her abilities. She is extremely scared to fail in life period. Ivy is a 23 year old college dropout with ambitions that can scare the average person. Most people will look at her and think without a degree she won’t go far, sometimes she believes them.

Although she found herself believing the naysayers at times, she believed in herself more. Ivy will live the life Ivy deserves. She works extremely hard on her brand and truly feels that it is her purpose to empower women. She can say at 23, she is living life the way she was meant to live it… with no regrets. She has a thriving brand and making connections with people who believe in her passion just as she does. Ivy will never let anyone tell her what she can’t do. She is making it her personal mission to show them she can do anything she put her mind to. This is really the beginning, and she is not trying to be the next Oprah or the next Beyonce(” although that’s not a bad idea”). Ivy is the next Stephanie Ivy Paniagua (call me Ivy though) a young woman of color that took the road less traveled and WON at life.

Advice from Ivy, ” If you are struggling with chasing your dreams, do it anyway. Life is so rewarding when you live it the way you want. Those that try to discourage you away from chasing your dreams shouldn’t necessarily be looked at as haters, they are motivators. Some may think they are trying to protect you from failure. They honestly can’t see the bigger picture and that is why you have to chase your dreams even more. Not only for yourself, but to inspire someone doubting their abilities that achieving your dreams is totally possible. The best advice I can give is always think of yourself as a brand and then make big moves for motivational purposes only”.

Instagram: IvyLikeBlu

Blog Instagram: ModernClassicDaily


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