Rui Kaur, an immigrant from India, is a writer and artist
based in Toronto, Canada. She has written31-oDaA7eRL._SX322_BO1,204,203,200_.jpg
an amazing book called ” milk and honey” , which you can purchase on her website. On her website, she also provides some of her art, which is photography and videos. I came across one of the photo shoots she did and thought that the photo shoot titled “period.” and message of the photo shoot was very important to all women. It is seen as one of the biggest Taboos, but its normal for a woman to experience within her life.

A menstruation should not be seen as a taboo as many make it seem to be. A taboo is a social or religious custom prohibiting or forbidding discussion of a particular practice or forbidding association with a particular person, place, or thing ( google def). When a woman first sees her period, she is now at the point where she can give life. People look at it as taboo and as disgusting because their mentality is immature. A woman should not have to explain oneself on why she can’t participate in certain activities during a certain time frame of the month. 200_s.gif

It is important for us as young women and women to teach little girls who do not know about the menstruation cycle, so they know what to do when the time comes. Parents/guardians have to understand that their little girl will grow and reach this point in life. It is not okay for a parent/ guardian to not educate their daughter on the topic. Do not scare your daughter when it comes to her menstruation by saying now that you have your period , you better not get pregnant . Like that isn’t cool . Teach her how to properly take care of her lady part.

a1b9de15524062.56038936349e7.pngThe menstruation cycle
is normal and a great thing. It helps clean our body and prepare us for beautiful creations. Yes, some girls/ women experience tremendous amounts of pain. CRAMPS! You can get very sick. Kinda do not want to eat sometimes or maybe want to eat everything in sight. And oh all the sweets, you just want to eat it all up. Then you feel super fat because you are bloated. Emotions run crazy. You loose a lot a fluid, so it’s important to drink lots of water. Some even have migraines and vomit. But every experience is different.

Experiences : 

“I have just become comfortable with the fact that periods are normal. I remember in HS (high school) secretly going to the bathroom with a pad or a tampon because I didn’t want anyone to know it was that time of the month. Now I’ll walk with my sanitary napkins, I wouldn’t say proud but not in secret. I think part of the reason as to why I’m so comfortable now is because I’m at an all women’s institution and its normal”.

“I got mine before entering high school and I thought it was something wrong with me because it wasn’t as red as I imagined then days later it was official amd ran to my mom and made her come in the bathroom again to help me out. My boyfriend use to cringe when I talked about it lol but now he has an appreciation of it”.

“I got my period a day after my 11th birthday party and I thought I was peeing out ketchup. I was in my grandmother’s house when I got it and I was so scared and confused that I actually called my grandmother into the bathroom even though my mother was actually in the house too”.

tumblr_meu0q8rIbE1r0v9xzo2_250.gif“When the time of the month comes around I always tell myself you got through it last month you can get through it now. It just so crazy how we can give life to human beings. Like what is coming out of us is a life that could have been given and for people to look at you like ewww wtf is up or make fun of the feeling or the things that happen to you is like wow I am experiencing life at the moment there is nothing wrong with that is it “.


“I would say, go to the bathroom frequently to change your pad or tampon. If you are a heavy bleeder- get the Always thick pad, and if you feel like your pad moves-get the pads with the wings. Heat pads works and also a craving snack. I like to sleep, watch movies, and zone out on my period so make it a “self-day” & not to be afraid, its normal, but make sure you clean your good good”.

” Drink a lot of water, it makes you use the bathroom a lot allowing the bleed to come out. If you are a heavy bleeder like I am , get the super duper good long pads. I hate the thick ones so I go for the thin ones with the wings. 1429518704-anigif_enhanced-4138-1402081603-12Make sure to carry around pads in your book bag or purse because if you are like me, my period comes when it feels like it ( irregular cycle). I eat whatever I want because it makes me feel better. I like wiping with wipes instead of tissue . Don’t try to fight the pain, pop some pills . Sometimes you have to change up the pain killers because your body gets use to them and won’t help with the pain. When sleeping, sleep with a towel or mat under you just in case there are any accidents when sleeping. When you are thinking to yourself, I HATE MY PERIOD, just remember that your body is flushing out all the bad stuff in your body and you are starting fresh”.

” I would say use pads as often as you can because the point of your period is so it cleans itself, sticking a tampon up there disrupts the flow. Take at least two showers a day & don’t use soap directly on your vagina. Eat chocolate, don’t mind pre & post menstrual breakouts. Use the orange infinity over night pads when going to sleep to help avoid leaking. Take ibuprofen because your body adjusts to midol and pamprin & try to use unscented Wipes when cleaning yourself throughout the day. Also with the soap, it throws off your PH. I shower with African Black Soap & I thought, hey it’s a natural product, shouldn’t do me any harm. Wrong, first it burned like hell & I told my dad because we just cool like that and he was like well did your mom not tell you that & I was like 😨 nooo. So he took it upon himself to take me to the gyno since my mom didn’t and the gyno told me that that’s what your period and discharge is for, your vagina cleans itself. You don’t need to put soap directly in your vagina it could possibly throw off your ph balance depending on how harsh of a soap it is”.


All photos are taken from Rupi Kaur Website.

photographer: prabh & rupi kaur
art direction: rupi kaur

‘period.’ is a photo series developed by rupi for a visual rhetoric course in her final year at university.  the goal was to challenge a taboo, tell a story without the use of words.





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