Our Stories can’t be checked into boxes.

Please watch before reading content. 

Elizabeth Acevedo is an Afro-Latina spoken word poet.

Reaction to Video.

“I really liked it and agree that I could relate even in my own way. The part about us being a beautiful tragic mixture stood out to me so much because even when I think about slave masters and all of the stuff that’s happening now with people not wanting to even be associated with black/African heritage etc., I’m always fascinated at how many slave masters slept with the slaves”.

“My first reaction was wow, her words have truly touched me. I have freaking goosebumps once again. This was my first reaction because her words cut me deep. There were certain things that she said that I could relate to. Maybe not personally, but viewing the lifes of others I can. I love the part where she says ” we quickly forget where we come so remember me, remember me of the place that I come from… then she goes to say how we are a beautiful tragic mixture”. These words meant a lot to me because when it comes to indetity sometimes we try to forget where we come from and who we came from. We sometimes want to learn parts of our history, but not all of it. People look at Afro-Latinas as if they aren’t latinas or african americans, and they are tend to e forgotten but they aren’t . They can’t be”.

Wikipedia :AfroLatin Americans refers to Latin American people of significant African ancestry. The term may also refer to historical or cultural elements in Latin America thought to have emanated from this community”.

Urban Dictionary : ” A girl who looks black but has african and latin blood”.

Screen Shot 2016-09-19 at 4.41.38 PM.png

Within the Latina and Black communities, Afro-Latinas are invisible and if you are notice people question your identity. Why are you questioning ? Why must I explain myself to you ? Oh so since I am of a dark skin tone , I can’t be a Latina ? I get it.

tumblr_m2n8xzYCpQ1qiz3j8o1_500.gif Afro-Latinas exist. Just because you are Latina doesn’t mean you can’t be black. And just because I am a Afro-Latina, it doesn’t mean I have to speak Spanish. And don’t tell me, I don’t look black ! WHAT DOES IT EVEN MEAN TO LOOK BLACK ?!


Then there is the struggle of filling out applications. Lord jesus,  like I can’t say I am both. Why are you making me choose between who I am ?


Being an Afro-Latina can be the serious STRUGGLE because people tend to question you so much on who you are. You get questioned on if you are really black or Latina. People even try to revoke your blackness or Latina card because you don’t know enough about the cultures, but you can’t revoke my identity. Despite the judgements or comments of others ,


Don’t be jealous. Being an Afro-Latina is amazing. Having the best of both worlds to experience two Culture instead of one.


If you will love to learn more about Afro-Latinas, there are some resources listed below :). We aren’t real exporters at this so please check the sites below lol.

I am Enough 

Borquina Chicks 

Afro Latin @ Forum

Ain’t I Latina ?

Also go purchase a Built by Flaws shirt 🙂


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