Things take TIME.

I have been really stressing the past couive-got-99-problems-and-86-of-them-are-completely-made-up-scenarios-in-my-head-that-im-stressing-quote-1.jpgple of weeks.
Built by Flaws is my baby and I will do anything possible to keep it going.  Being that I am in another country, I don’t have access to always check our social media outlets as much as I use to. I do have my fabulous best friends, Kiaina and Akeda, but they are full-time college students with other responsibilities. Over the summer, I was able to dedicated all my time to Built by Flaws, but now things are so different.

Anyway, we have our biggest event, Built by Flaws’ 1 Year Anniversary, coming up and I doing all that I can to make this event amazing for our Harlem community. It seems as though things aren’t going as PLANNED, but I have been fooled. Last week, we received some GREAT news. Like Yasssss! I couldn’t believe my eyes when I received it.


The message I want to get across today is sometimes when things are falling apart it just maybe that things are actually falling into place. I have to learn that I can’t rush or stress things because when the time is right it will happen.

Entry : Tanaya 


& Enjoy the Kick Off to Hispanic Heritage Month with a Mayda Del Valle’s Spoken Word !!!

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