I just want to bring as much beauty to the world as possible. – Kanye West

One Wednesday, September 7 , Kanye West held his Yezzy Season 4 show at Roosevelt. Many people criticize his show because it started 90 minutes late, many of the models fainted due to the extreme heat, some attendees were stuck on shuttle buses for some time and some of the walk way models were having a difficult time walking in their heels. DESPITE all that actually happened, I think we can look past that and discuss the positive message he was trying to create with majority of the models he casted.



“I like what he did. I think he should’ve voiced his intentions to eliminate people’s ignorant comments. Some people talk so loud, voicing nothing but false info”.

“On the casting paper it said,’mixed women’ only & I felt that was extremely ignorant. If he meant positively or whatever have you, he should of used a different word. Because to a lot that just made it seem like you have to ‘mixed’ to be beautiful and there are a lot of women who are only one ethnicity. So that to me was a negative or something that could have been fixed”.

“But I watched it and was so over whelmed with joy. Like I love Kanye but that made me so happy and proud to see. It spoke so much to everything BBF stands for and just showing black skin and natural hair and even nudity was just breath taking”.




“Someone can be mixed but on the outside look just white or just black… It is on them to show up & see what the casting director says – that’s just how model life is. Ye probably didn’t want this exact thing to happen but because of lack of context it happened anyway”.

“I don’t think there is a connection between mix & beautiful in this context. As an artist, you vision ya projects in particular ways & he wanted his show to have models of color. ‘He’s not saying “mixed women only are beautiful'”.

“Some people automatically connect the words Beauty & Modeling, doubt that’s what Kayne did”.



“All shades like I didn’t see white women I saw women of color skin. I feel like even the representation of African Americans was strong too”.

“I will say which is classify everyone that isn’t white as “black” no this isn’t right but we do live in a world that always separate whites & blacks for every issue when other races exists”.

“I speak on all shades. Because black skin isnt just Dark and it isnt just light. If you have melanin in your skin, I’m talking about you”.

“When i talk about blackness I mean blackness as in the historical context of blackness. When I talk about women of color i mean different shades of brown. Not connected to only blackness but i admit that when blackness is talked about I’m not picturing a fair skinned woman, I’m picturing my mother, my sisters my grandmother who are all darker than me and have different realities”.


The Message. 

“His message to me was for Women of color to start embracing their skin hair and body. Skin meaning their color”.

“Probably showing the future of what is daughter will look like… idk maybe just giving mixed girls a platform to stand on”.

*** All photos have been taken from Google***




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