A Flawed Story…


Brooke Lewis , a junior at University of Maryland Eastern Shore (Fashion Merchandising Major), is the creator of Embrace Your Melanin and is from Baltimore, Maryland.

Brooke’s flaws are her skin color and self-confidence.Growing up, she felt inferior to those lighter than her, they were the one’s that got the most attention from others, they were always the one’s called beautiful and she was always overlooked. During her middle school and the beginning of her high school years, she did not feel comfortable in her own skin. This caused her to stay in a shell by always being quiet and by not expressing herself because she didn’t feel important.

Brooke has fully accepted who she as a person. She has learned that her skin color makes her beautiful and different. She now feels like it is now a responsibility of hers to help others embrace their melanin as well.

Advice from Brooke, ” Don’t ever let others make you feel inferior. You are a Queen and you are royalty. Embrace who you are, they is only one you and that makes you special and unique”.

Instagram : @embraceyourmelanin_

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