Dear Old Me…

We all go through a phase of becoming a new us. When saying that, I am saying you become a better you. The old person you were helped you become the person you are now. The old us shows us that we should do what’s best for us rather than doing for others. The old us gives us our confidence and understanding of how to live our lives.

The Old Me 

“”The old me” didn’t realize how much work I had to put in to be the better me I am now. I used to think I was already for an example emotionally stable but I was not. After experience & truly discovering how much love I have for myself, the present me is less talk & more of the me I wanted to be when I was “the old me” #progress“.

“The old me just wanted acceptance. Acceptance from peers and family members. I didnt really love myself but I always cared about others. I always put others first. When you try to put those two together, you get people using you and asking you things because you wont say no. I took being used by a close family member to Change that. I’ve learned and I am still learning how to put myself first, but still be helpful to others. It’s a journey that I am still on”.

“The old me was head over heels for living a life that she could control each and every step..thinking she had life figured out. The old me was self conscious of her body and social stigmas. The new me just dont GAF what people have to say!! She loves her body and has found out who her real friends are that continuously have her back and show her the love and support she needs to be a better person❤️“.

“The old me didn’t know her worth. She settled for less than she deserved all the time”.

“Old me : I was trapped in a place where I wanted everything to be perfect . If it wasn’t my way it was definitely the high way . You allowed the words of others to dediced your life even though you made it seem like you had everything in control . You secretly didn’t love yourself and put your love into others . You should have lived by forgiving and forgetting because now you are in a position where you can’t do either. You were young & I don’t blame you for all you have done because you are learning . Life is a lesson and it’s okay that you ran into certain things because you got through those moments and you are a beautiful young woman now that is doing amazing things”.

 Tell your old self 3 words that describe you as of now 

“Ambitious, Adventurous & Self-driven”.

“Beautiful , Intelligent & Risky”.

“Observant, Self-accepted, and Breathing”.

“Aware, Confident, and Learning”.

A Letter to the Old Me , Titled ?

“I am you. You are me. So listen because I know what’s best ”

” Life is about Learning : Nothing should be seen as a Failure”

“I know(my deepest secret)… now read this”


“Your self-worth comes before anything else”

“Self-defined; Period. ”

What would you tell the old you ? 



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