Love Your Body.

tthe_many_kinds_of_girl___now_in_three_extra_sizes_by_vonnie_seiyuki_chan-d51zcqeSo there’s the Kim K wanna-be’s and the photoshop posers. Then there’s the guys that are forced to believe muscles define their masculinity or the girls that get body shamed daily.


Facing social constructs that surround well accepted body types can be very difficult. We  constantly see images that tell us how we should look. Typically the image we look at, doesn’t match the image we see in the mirror. That’s why we feel like we have to do change our appearances; to be accepted by society


That is total BS! If you are curvy, work all the curves you got. If your what? Social standards are forever changing, so one day big butts may be all the rave, but the next day society may decide thigh gaps and thinner bodies are more appealing. So you gotta stop listening to what people are saying…




I have always had trouble with the way I looked. My family definitely forced social ideas on appearance upon me. They would make comments about my weight that they personally thought was harmless. But when I look in the mirror now, I see thickums aka being thick and fine as hell.

In all honesty I felt the sting of each comment because I understood that deep down they didn’t accept me for the person I was. So I was ALWAYS on a diet or trying to lose weight so that I could feel like I was doing something to fit in. It took a while for me to see the beauty in not being average.


Love your body for what it is and not because someone told you that they don’t like it. We are all beautiful despite what society says through memes or annoying comparisons. Your body is just that..YOURS! Don’t allow society to mold you into something you aren’t.

Whether you’re slim, tall, chunky, or too short…there is nothing wrong with the way you look. Don’t use impossible beauty standards to compare yourself with. Remember you are built by what others call FLAWS, that don’t mean that you aren’t poppin’!!

Entry: Akeda

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