A Flawed Story Special Edition…


Lacresha Berry, an educator, singer, songwriter, entrepreneur, and writer, would say her flaw is her body weight and size. She has struggled with her size for as long as she can remember. Lacresha was much heavier in high school and college and she always felt inadequate around thinner women. The society we live in allows us to perpetuate ridiculous beauty standards. So, she feels guys were more attracted to that kind of woman. She never considered or questioned that maybe our ideals and stereotypes of the perfect woman were wrong and outdated. As she got older she realized, above everything else, she wanted to be healthy in her mind, body, and spirit because attracting a man couldn’t be her sole focus anymore. She had to be happy and beautifully content with herself since she’d be living with her for the rest of her days on this earth.

Lacresha accepted her flaw by just choosing to change the narrative around what makes a woman beautiful. It also helped her to be affirmed in her own beauty by breaking those standards. She blogs, takes pictures, and writes songs to show that beauty isn’t just physical and she has more to offer than her looks. All sizes matter and are beautiful. Black is beautiful. Kinky hair is beautiful. She is at peace with this.

Lacresha’s Advice : “Make a list of five (as many as you can OR at least one) things you offer to the world that is not related to physical beauty. Set out to be better in those five things everyday by taking a class, or writing about it, or sharing them with someone else. My team affirms me but also I wouldn’t have a team or squad if I didn’t affirm these things for myself FIRST”.


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