It is very influential when someone with great impact within society stands up for what she believes in and what is right. We give props to you for being such an amazing woman. 748a640d226c4a1b850a6f51715a71eb.jpeg

“I think its good that she does it. I believe because she is a mother now, she understands their pain. I think beyonce also wants to let them know that she will never forget, so she won’t let the world forget”.

“I wasn’t able to watch the VMAs so I only saw all of this on Instagram . I thought it was a very powerful stance to bring the mothers of young men of color who were killed to know that even she understands and wants people to know that these young men will not be forgotten”.

“After reading the caption, Beyonce is the perfect figure to keep the conversation going about police brutality. Perfect example of using your platform the right way”.

“yes Bey’s actions are the perfect way to use fame for activism. She isn’t letting people forget about what is REALLY happening in the world”.

Beyonce-Blue-Ivy-MTV-VMA-red-carpet-2016-billboard-1548.jpgWhat are your thoughts on the actions that Beyonce took at the VMA’s Awards ?


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