Two Sides

Hey ya’ll!

Welcome to Thoughtful Thursday . My entry is going to be short and simple. For those of you who don’t know me. My name is Tanaya Cardenales and I am a junior at Connecticut College.

One exciting thing about this entry is that it is my first blog post that I am writing in Lima, Peru. Yes you read that RIGHT. I am in Lima, Peru studying for my Fall semester. Alright let me to get to the thoughtful things. On August 13th, my professor and 7 other classmates visited Miraflores.On Monday August 15th, I had the opportunity to travel to a town called Ventanilla in Peru. In that town, there are 3 casts ( house), Santa Rosa, Hijos de mi Peru and Pachacuta, that are part of a non-profit called Kantaya.  At Hijos de mi Peru the children performed two different traditional dancings for us and even pulled us in to join. As we were in the car heading to Ventanilla one of the founders of Kantaya shared with the group that there were no water or electricity within the town and majority of the houses in the community held 5-6 family members in a one bedroom. Moreover, most of the family members lived on a monthly budget that would buy us a pair of Nike sneakers.

The point I am trying to get across is that these two places are only 23.85 miles away from each other. Miraflores is beautiful and the sites are amazing to see, but only 23.85 miles away there are people living in homes without water and electricity. On the ride back to my host family’s apartment, the co-founder of Kantaya stated that people don’t tend to see Peru for what is really is. Tourist come in to Peru and only look at place that are beautiful and yes every country has beautiful sites, but we as human beings should also visit the impactful places as well. There is two sides to every country : the BEAUTY and the IMPACT.



Miraflores – August 13th 2016


Ventanilla – August 15th 2016

Additional Photos:


IMG_5115.jpegAugust 19th 2016 – Paracas


August 20th 2016- National Reserve of Paracas


August 21, 2016- El Casa de Presidente



August 21th 2016 – Downtown Lima

Entry : Tanaya


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