What is it ?!

Every week , many of you see a post about submitting your story specifically you’re A Flawed Story. Some of you scroll right past it while some of you like the photo or status and then continue to scroll.

IMG_8971Built by Flaws dedicates their Wednesday to featuring a young woman of color’s story about how she is flawed and how she has learned to accept her flaw(s) or how she is learning to accept her flaw(s). As many of you know Wednesday is the day you praise your woman crush right ? Well, why not praise a young woman of color who has accepted herself and can help empower others to do the same! We as Built by Flaws has learned by sharing other young women of color’s stories has helped us and others a lot. We as women tend to hold back and keep everything to ourselves because we are afraid of others using them against us, but if you have accepted yourself for who you are and you have truly accepted you NO ONE CAN USE YOUR FLAWS AGAINST YOU.

We really like really really want to say THANK YOU to all the young women of color who has submit your stories and allowed us to feature you. quote-life-story.png
It has been our pleasure to share amazing stories that have made us laugh, cry and smile. It is no better feeling then knowing that a story can make a huge difference in someone’s life. Our narratives are lessons for us, but also for others. We all deserve happiness, so why not get it from other women that know what we are going through.



If it wasn’t for you Built by Flaws wouldn’t have anything to STAND for. images.jpeg

Please feel free to submit your story. 1-Submit-Your-Story.jpgIf you are scared and not ready to share your story, it’s okay we will be here when you are READY.Submit your story by clicking on here A FLAWED STORY Form. If you need to see some examples of how stories where written, go visit our Flawed Stories page.

Here are some photos of the lovely ladies who has submitted their Flawed Stories.

P.S. : This is our 100th Blog Post !!!


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