2016 is coming to a close.


Time really does move fast. We were all just celebrating a brand new year and now we are about to celebrate a new one. A couple months back, we had a Girl Chat about our summer goals and aspirations. Today we had the pleasure of talking about the goals and aspirations we will love to achieve by the end of 2016.

images.jpegLadieeeeeeesssss😊😊 So 2016 is ending soon! What we wanna know is what goals and aspirations you all have for the last couple of months in the year?!🤔

“Tbvh ( To be very honest) just to do whatever makes me happy. I feel like nobody can make me as happy as I will be able to make myself, so why not just focus a little more on my own happiness 🤗”.

“I’m plan on just growing as a person and maintaining the good friendships I have. I also am trying to focus on school”.

“Happiness is a virtue that lots of people see as the result of money or other people making them happy…it really comes from inside YOU”.

Do you ladies feel as though there is something you have yet to complete this year?
“Ye8aeb9841c9958527757387ec5a0cb596.jpgs I feel like I have to figure out my whole life still lmao like I know half but there other parts are cloudy as hell”.

“I feel I have to complete my first semester of college”.

“I have yet to complete, completely caring for me. Im trying to just care more about myself because I always put ppl before me”.

What are your goals and aspirations before 2016 ends 


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