To Real Friends, How Many of Us

Friendship Day 2015.pngGrowing up, one of the most important things in life are friendships. Some people want to be liked by everyone while others just want a select few that they can trust. When you’re 10 you may think your best friend at the time will be your best friend for life, but that is not always the case.  I had the pleasure of growing up with the same people all my life, and they became my best friends. As I went through life I had to learn the difference between a friend and an associate.Now that I am 20 years old I have finally found out what makes a person an associate, a friend and a best friend.

An associate to me is someone that you just have small conversations with about general things rather than them knowing you deep down and personal.

A friend to me  is someone that you can tell minor problems to. You trust them to an extent, but you don’t trust them enough to tell them deep and personal information.

If you consider someone a friend then that should not have to be validated by getting a phone call or a text from them everyday. Some believe that a phone call or a text is what a friendship is all about, but for me personally that should not matter, I should be able to not talk to you for a week then text you, and it is like we have not missed a beat. Moreover, a friend is someone that gets you be doesn’t really get you. When it comes to friends , they can sometimes be one very hesitant when it comes to speaking the truth , to being loyal or to simple sit down and listen to the same sob stories you have .

95257-Positive-Mind-Positive-Vibes-Positive-Life.jpgThis summer I did a lot of self reflection,
and realized a lot of people I considered to be friends are in fact just associates.There are certain vibes that I want to surround myself around, and I don’t want anyone to disrupt my peace and happiness.


8a553daf619e62fcd95b225bcef5eef8.jpgBest friends to me are like you
r sisters and brothers they know everything about you. You can run to them about anything without being judged and they’ll listen and give advice, They don’t take things you say personal because they know it is coming from a good place. They are like your soulmates, and they support you with whatever you want to do.28bd394bd12131573539d132c8c0b046.jpg

When I sit with my best friends and just reminisce about our childhood I get so happy because I know these are the people that have my best interest besides my family. I love that I can be honest with them about some of the situations I see them in without them feeling judged. I also love how I can go to my friends about anything and get honest advice. Best Friends should help you grow everyday they shouldn’t have to walk on eggshells to avoid hurting your feelings. With all the growth that I have done within these past four months I no longer feel the need to have people in my life that are not focused on growing in life. I noticed that I became a much more positive person once I stopped listening to petty bullsh*t.

35c654a78ed67dfca8061240a60a1587.jpgI do try to encourage people to face their issues head on that they may have with others simply because I feel it unnecessary to hate someone. I have had so many people tell me they are grateful for my friendship and everything, but I can honestly say that I do not believe those individuals simply because of their actions, and that is okay. People come into your life for a reason some to stay and some to go. I just know that I no longer want any bad vibes around me. Thank you to my best friends that have helped my growth this summer I appreciate it from the bottom of my heart. I encourage everyone to think deeply about the friendships in your life, and start to separate the good from the bad.

Entry: Kiaina G.



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