Yes..Black Girls can swim too!!

Gabby Douglas, Simone Biles, and Simone Manuel killed the olympics, but Gabby was dragged for her hair. What are your thoughts?

“I don’t understand why people definitely black women were concern about gabby not taking care of her edges. First of all I’m pretty sure she wasn’t worried about that. The negative comments weren’t necessary and no one making them was thinking about how these are athletes who obviously are going to sweat out their hair anyways. So I feel for Gabby and her mom who had to defend her daughter on social media against ignorant comments.”

“I think that it is very disappointing that the success of these ladies are degraded by their skin color or hair choice. In Gabby’s defense Rio is hot af, so what can she do? Also there was an instance where the news confused simone biles and Simone manuel. How do you confuse two olympians..eventhough they have the same name…if they were white, I’m pretty sure the effort to not make this mistake would have been greater”

How did you ladies interpret her not saluting when they song the anthem?

“And I respected it like why salute to something that’s out to destroy because of the color of your skin.”

“I absolutely agree. I heard nothing of Donald Trump not saluting..but when Gabby did it all hell breaks loose…”

“My point like come on. I used to not salute in high school because at the end of the day the bill of rights and constitution weren’t made to protect us if so we wouldn’t be getting killed left and right without the people killing being brought to justice”

How has the fact that history was made for African American women impacted you? It can be in any small way.

“Even though I’m not exactly an athlete..I felt like I won something. Like because they were out there winning..that I was ultimately winning too”

“It’s huge! It’s a nice refreshing slap in the face for those who keep thinking that we can’t succeed or be good at anything, I don’t even have to speak for myself these days, like just know Im about to kill whatever I do”

“I get that it’s like yessss black girls out here slaying with talent and shit”

 There is NOTHING we can’t do. Shoutout to Gabby, Simone, and Simone Manuel for showing the world!


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