Don’t feel guilty for it. Do YOU!

Don’t feel guilty for doing something that will make you happy…like changing for the better. When you’re changing, it is only natural for people to get left behind and you can’t feel guilty for evolving.


Often times we second guess ourselves before completing something that we really want to do. After we miss the opportunity we regret never doing it.

My new year resolution was to develop my mindset and view of the world for one that is full of optimism and happiness. In order to do that I had to let go of the guilt that was weighing me down.


I told myself …you’re a QUEEN and there is no reason to feel bad about growing. If people take the new you the wrong way…tell em’


and continue to do what makes you happy. It may hurt at the moment, but that’s when you find those people that are also changing and evolving. The same people will see that you have a vision and that vision is within your grasp.

I let go of a relationship that I had been in for 3 years because I realized that I wasn’t the same person and if I stayed in the relationship it would be out of guilt. I didn’t magically fall out of love with this person, I just got real with myself and put the truth into the universe. I also began verbally expressing the love I have for friends that care about me and love me for who I am. With a verbal expression of LOVE, I realized how much it means to them. Their happiness makes me happy in return.

Since then I’ve never felt more empowered.

I’m living my life knowing that the only direction my life will be going is uphill from here.

So go ahead and DO IT! Whatever “IT” it and don’t let anyone stop you from evolving. If they have something to say about it sip your tea cuz’ you know that your glow up is on it’s way.


Β Entry: Akeda


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