A Flawed Story…


Clark DeBerry, born and raised in Columbia, SC, is a recent college grad that loves fashion and beauty. She is also a black feminist that just started a new blog and Youtube channel about these topics.

Clark’s flaw is confidence. She has always been conscious of her body and how others perceived it. This made her feel particular and nit picky about being around people and giving her opinion. She is portrayed an outspoken person who exudes confidence but she has so many thoughts about how people perceive her.

Clark started her blog to gain insight and to learn new things about herself. She wanted to get out of her comfort zone. She is taking steps to change how she feels about herself and constantly reassures herself to stay strong.

Advice from Clark, “Stay strong. No one will love you like yourself. Do whatever it takes to love yourself and have self care sessions”.

Instagram & Twitter : @clarkconquers

Blog: http://www.clarkconquers.com

 Youtube : Clark Conquers

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