How do you identify your self-worth ?

” I identify my self worth based on how I treat others. If I treat a person with love and respect I want the same back so if a person doesn’t give me that I know they don’t deserve me because I’m worth a lot”.

“I look at how far I have come and all the things that got me to where I am today then I become grateful and realize how much I should be appreciating myself”.

” Idk, I guess just knowing what’s good for me & what I’m better than, not to belittle anybody but yeah what I deserve”.

“It took me a while to realize my worth especially after I stopped playing sports because so much of what I knew was soccer; once I stopped I put my worth into guys and thankfully got past that but I base my worth now on where I’ve come and how I affected people along the way”.

” When thinking of self worth or also think of the self love I project and sometimes my self love comes across as me being selfish but I don’t think I am selfish for putting myself first you know”.

“I consider the compliments (not vanity type) but about my character that different people always share with me and I realize I’m making an impact even if I don’t and that helps with my worth because I know what I’m here to do and how I’m to serve people”.

Do you ever feel like you are at a low point and feel like you aren’t worth anything ? Like it maybe like when you do something wrong or like relationship wise ( not only dating like family/friends relationships ) ? Like how do you deal with those low points ?


“I talk to myself a lot”.

“Surrounding myself with people who can lift me up and remind me of who I am when I feel like I’m slipping, other believers who see the me that I need to be reminded to see”.

“I distance myself from others. Sometimes I try to fix the problem, but I usually just sit back pray, then listen to music”.

Does worthiness come from others ? Like do you decide your worth from how other treat you.

“I used to but not anymore. I go off of my own opinion of myself and my own perception of how I want to be seen as to everyone”.

“Yeah.. I tell myself I don’t wanna be treated a certain way”.

“I used to base my worthiness on others but then I realized 1. I don’t know what they’re design with so their own idea of worth could be skewed as well and 2. It’s not up to them it’s up to me to live my best life”.


Never lower your standards when it comes to your SELF WORTH.You are worth everything and so much more and do not let anyone tell you other wise. 


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