A Flawed Story…


Trinity Head, a student fully interested in the business field, participates in numerous business organizations from the National Black MBA association to the NAACP. Trinity also is aspiring to be her class president. She simply loves and enjoys helping people.

Trinity’s flaw is her lack of belief in her beauty. She has spend so many years comparing her beauty to everyone else’s to the point where she genuinely lacks faith in if she is actually beautiful. Side note : as you can see in her photos she is very beautiful.

Trinity has been working to accept her flaw by spending time with herself. She spends time anointing her soul with self compliments. She writes down all of the things she loves about herself, from the little things to the big things. She also pays attention to what her body tells her that it needs, whether it’s attention or a craving. She has learned to listen to the goddess that lives inside of her.

Advice from Trinity, “Love yourself. There is only one of you. And she is oh so special, she is absolute perfection as long as you believe it. Pay attention to her because you cannot expect others to do so for you”.

Instagram and Twitter: @_7rinity_  // Blog : findlovewithin.wordpress.com


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