Is Social Media Destroying Relationships ?

Social media has had a huge impact on us as human beings. One place where it has had a huge impact is with RELATIONSHIPS. Admitted it, you did it at least one time or maybe a hundred. Creeping on your partner’s page at midnight seeing who liked, or commented on their  photo. Or what about when he/she got that text and you like ” bae who texted US ?”. We all have been there and done that at least one time. when-bae-get-a-text-while-yall-laid-up-who-2353210

When hearing the words relationships and social media together so many things come to mind. Like how some couples make sure they take the photo in right angel for that kiss or how the filter isn’t right. Like it’s that SERIOUS. Y5e6TmpY-selfie_illustration_jacquieboyd_gettjpg-300-274 In this generation social media plays such a big role in our lives that most times it can do more damage than good. In a relationship each person likes to believe that their partner is being faithful to them. Social media sometimes makes it easy for an individual to be unfaithful. Social media has become the deciding factor on what a relationship is supposed to be or should be like. We build our trust on if we have our partners password or if they post photos of us. People will answer a text message before answering a phone call. social-media-and-datingWhat happen to waiting at your home phone to see if the person will call. Oh yeah, I forgot you can just slide in someone’s DM now.
Sliding in someone’s inbox, or DM can be seen as being sneaky which causes problems.

Some individuals do feel like it is okay to post everything they are going through on social media in order to get their partner’s attention.

social-media-ruining-relationshipsI know you have followed many arguments between couples on social media or you probably was the one taking part in the argument. Sometimes these public arguments  lead to the end of the relationship.91ba5d4742f08616d31b3510472d38f2 Some people believe that social media does not ruin relationship as long as each person is honest. Some couples exchange passwords and others  just delete their social media once they get into a relationship. Communication is key in a relationship, so as long as each person is honest with one another there shouldn’t be any problems. when we say COMMUNICATION we mean talking in person, not falling back and letting YOUR partner do them as Drake would. When you finally find a vibe with someone and you feel like they are the one then it is important to respect what they want in a relationship, and they should respect what you want as well. Love is the most powerful thing ever and social media should not make or break a relationship. Having “relationship goals” should not be based on a video on social media either they should be based on everything that you want in a partner that will make you happy.

Here are some thoughts from a few members in our group chat today:

“Honestly, it depends on the individuals in the relationship. One aspect of social media may affect one relationship, but not the next relationship”.

“I don’t think it’s technically social media that destroys relationships. I think it’s the mentality of the people and what they let affect them”.

“I feel like it destroys relationships because it leaves too much assumptions , no matter how strong your mind is if you’re assuming you’re assuming”.

“We should be able to talk not just assume and be in a silent relationship”.

“I think that if there’s a lack of trust in the relationship social media accounts won’t make it better . It will destroy a relationship if you are insecure”.

“Yes, I do think social media destroys relationships because couples sometimes subconsciously compare  their partner to others on social media. They also go on social media and vent about their personal problems. Things such as liking photos or commenting certain things can cause the partner to become jealous”.

So like Riri said “Stay up off my Instagram, pure temptation“and do not mess up your relationship because of SOCIAL MEDIA.


6 thoughts on “Is Social Media Destroying Relationships ?

  1. Genevieve says:

    I have been thinking about this a lot lately too. Not exclusively to spousal relationships but all relationships. I actually have a post scheduled to go up in a few days discussing it. I have never felt lonelier than I do now going on my social media only to see friends I haven’t physically spoken to in so long. I feel like we are losing touch with each other as our forms of communicating distances us further rather than connects us. You nailed it when you said people are more likely to answer a text than a phone call.

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    • builtbyflaws says:

      I totally agree with you. Social media is destroying all kinds of relationships. Social media was created to keep in contact with others far from you, but in all reality social media is making us more distance. When tend to forget that talking on the phone or in person shows feelings and emotions, while texting or communication apps leads people to assume what our emotions and feelings are. I must say I am one of those people. I have a hard time communicating in person, but i can text my feelings out. I just social media is stopping some of us with building our public speaking skills.

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