Woke and Happy

choose-happiness-4.jpgIn life people make choices that others around them may not understand. An individual may feel like they need the support from those who are close to them in order to embrace their flaw. In fact, all that individual really needs is to find the confidence within themselves. If we as young women constantly allow others opinions to affect how we feel then we will never truly be happy with ourselves.

Throughout the summer, I realized that I have to start putting myself first. Meaning that I have to start doing things that make me happy, and to grow as an individual.


Having bad vibes around me is something I no longer want in my life, and I could not help, but think of all the other young women that may feel the same way.
I strongly encourage anyone that reads this to take sometime to think about everything in their life that they feel is a weight or a burden on their shoulders, and slowly start to let it all go.


Once you start to live life for you without caring about others feelings you truly will be a happier person.
Remember that you don’t need the support of anyone that does not understand your life choices, and you don’t need to educate those people 
either. If someone truly wants to support you, they will take the time to learn on their own. Happiness should be everyone’s main goal in life, and that means doing whatever you feel like is right in your heart. IMG_1535.png

Entry : Kiaina 


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