A Flawed Story…


Khalaya Blackmon, the 2nd child of 5 siblings, likes art and likes playing games from Bakersfield. Khalaya flaw is her hair. She use to hate how short her was and how it would not grow any long like other girls. She also felt like she was boring with her short hair, which I am pretty sure is a lie. However, she has learned to accept her hair because she came to a realization that everyone hair is different. Khalaya knows her hair is her flaw. She knows that she can’t change the way her hair decided to grow.


Advice from Khalaya, “I feel like if you feel like somethings not right about you, you shouldn’t feel bad because everyone on earth is different your not gonna be the same you came into the world with who you are and your gonna leave this world with who you are”.

Instagram : @Khllaya

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